1.      Optimum working pressure is 0.5 Bar – 5 Bar. If the water pressure is less than 0.5Bar then we suggest the use of a Booster Pump

2.      Cold water supply temperature: - 4°C - 25°C. Hot water supply temperature: - 55°C - 85°

3.      Factory set safety temperature 38°C (± 2°C)

4.      Safety Characteristics’: - If the cold water supply fails then the volume of outlet water collected during the first 5 seconds (±0.5seconds) will be less than 200ml and the temperature of the outlet water will be less than 42°C. The volume of water collected during the second collection period of 30 seconds will be less than 300ml and the outlet temperature will not exceed 49°C. Once the cold water supply has been restored then the outlet water temperature will be 38°C (± 2°C)

5.      Outlet Water Temperature Stability: - When the inlet water temperature is stable and either the inlet pressure for the cold or hot water varies by 20%, or when the inlet water pressure is stable (3 Bar) and the temperature of the hot water supply increases or reduces by 10°C then the temperature differential from the outlet temperature to the set temperature will not exceed 2°C

6.      Products comply with the following standards: - BS EN 1111, BS EN 1287, ASME A112.18/CSA B125.1, ASSEE 1016, AS4032.2

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